Freelance web designer, php programmer, seo expert, photographer

Hi I'm Giuseppe Milo and I've been a freelance web designer, PHP programmer, SEO expert since 1997.

I'm self employed working for web agencies and direct customers so if you need help for your website or if you're looking for a programmer let me help you and feel free to contact me.

Why to choose me?

As a freelance, I worked for large companies such Samsung, 3 Italy, Rover MG, Kappa, Saiwa, Milka and I can now handle every step involved in activities such as website design and SEO. I can provide same services of design companies for a lower price.

I'm always available via email, Skype, Facebook and other Social Networks.

Check my portfolio to see my best works.

Contact me if you want to hire a freelance web designer/programmer.

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It happens and, it happened to me recently. It's not a good feeling: all your memories are gone, all your friends are lost, all your email, texts, pictures? You'll never see that again! The iPhone...
Street photography is all about candid moments. In the streets, most of times, you've to be sneaky and quick to capture the right moment. Not always you've the time to see the scene, get the camera,...
I'm proud to announce that even this year one of my pictures has been selected to be part of the iStreet street photography exhibition which will take place in Dublin from the 14th of August until...

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