Freelance web designer, php programmer, seo expert, fine art photographer

Hi I'm Giuseppe Milo and I've been a freelance web designer, PHP programmer, SEO expert since 1997, now also a fine art photographer.

I'm a self employed working for web agencies and direct customers so if you need help in building your website or if you're looking for a programmer let me help you and feel free to contact me.

Why to choose me?

As a freelance, I've worked for large companies such as Samsung, Technogym, 3 Italy, Rover MG, Kappa, Saiwa, Milka and many more so I can now handle every step involved in web site development and SEO and I can provide the same services of web agencies for a lower price.

I'm always available via email, Skype, Facebook and other Social Networks.

Check my portfolio to see the latest projects I've been working on.

Contact me if you want to hire a freelance web designer/programmer or photographer.

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Android is a great mobile OS but there is room for improvements if you know how to tune the system. It ships with some default configurations that you can change to make it faster. Developer options...
So I've bought a Macbook pro 13'' in September 2015. Since then I've been having issues with the internal keyboard and the trackpad which don't work randomly. I've tried everything: SMC reset, PRAM...
As I wrote in my last post I was invited by Promote Iceland to join a blog tour in their beautiful country. The whole experience was fantastic; I met very nice people and visited interesting places....

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