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Obscure Street: a street photography exhibition in Dublin

From Friday the 8th of July until Thursday the 21st of July Obscure Street will showcase the work of about 60 street photographers from all around the world. The exhibition will be part of the PhotoIreland festival and will be hold at In-Spire Galerie Dublin (56 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin 1, 3 min walk Connolly Station Dublin ).

I'm proud to be part of this exhibition with one of my pictures. Here is a list of some of the most popular featured photographers: Richard Sandler from New York, Tatsuo Suzuki from Japan, Jessie Marlow from Australia, Dougie Wallace from Scotland, Gabi Ben Avraham from Israel, Nick Turpin from London, Sarah Choi from Hong Kong & many more.

If you're around and have time to visit the exhibition let me know so we can meet and know each other! The gallery will be open: Tue-Wed 11am-5pm, Thu 11am-7pm, Fri-Sat 11am-5pm, Sun 12-5pm. For more information about opening hours, location, artists and works please visit the official page on the PhotoIreland website.

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I've been interviewed by Dpreview and The Phoblographer

Since I've released my project Faceless and published a book on Blurb I've contacted some photography magazines to let them know about it.

With my surprise I've been contacted back by some of them to publish an interview on their websites. I've never been interviewed so I really don't know if I've nailed it!

You can check both the interviews on Dpreview by Allison Johnson and on The Phoblographer by Chris Gampat. Let me know what you think about it.

If you like to have more information about the project and the book just visit the project's dedicated page. Thanks for your support.

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Black and white street photography: some tips

As you can see if you visit my street photography project Faceless, I really enjoy taking black and white pictures. I love the feeling you can sense and the contrast you can show in your pictures. If you too like this photography genre and you think you can learn something from me (really? :)) I'd like to give you some tips to improve your skills.

Black and white pictures are based on contrast. You always need to find scenes where you can put your subject on a light background (if your subject is dark) or on a dark background (if your subject is light). This is the first rule you always have to keep in mind to take some nice street photography pictures. As you can see in the following photos I took, the subject is always dark on a white background. This combination gives you the better contrast you can achieve.

The corner - Dublin, Ireland - Black and white street photography

In love - Dublin, Ireland - Black and white street photography

The foggy bridge - Dublin, Ireland - Black and white street photography

It's very important to look always for the natural contrast. You can't fake it in Lightroom or Photoshop and if the picture has not contrast in the first place you can't do anything in post production to get a natural, good looking result.

Another important aspect in the process of creating the perfect black and white picture is the editing. It is true, you can't change a picture with no contrast but you can do something to improve it in the ones taken in the right conditions. Using the brush tool in Lightroom, for example, you can enhance whites and blacks to make your subject pop out and improve the final result. Always try to get the white parts of the image more white and the black parts more black. You can also change the "whites" and "blacks" sliders to give the picture more contrast.

Finally, don't be afraid to shoot at night. When the scene is dark you can find bright spots and play with lights to get good results.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you need more information and tips please leave a comment below.

You can also check my black and white street art for sale on FineArtAmerica.

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Faceless is now a street photography book!

As you know if you follow me (really? you don't?) I've been working on a street photography project I called Faceless. With Faceless I'm trying to create fine art photography from everyday life moments. It is a project I've been working on since 2013 and it is now an online gallery that you can visit clicking here.

It's not just a gallery though. If you like to enjoy a photobook on your sofa you can also, from now on, buy my book and see all the pictures I took in the last two years just browsing it page by page.

The book was self-published on Blurb and it is made off 80 pages printed on premium paper, lustre finish, black. I've chosen an hardcover, imagewrap to make it last longer. It also feels more "premium" this way. It's also big enough to help you to enjoy the pictures: the format is a landscape 10x8 inches (25x20 cm).

So if you like this project and want to support me you can buy the book or check out the preview directly on Blurb clicking here.

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