Your iPhone doesn't turn on or charge anymore?

It happens and, it happened to me recently. It's not a good feeling: all your memories are gone, all your friends are lost, all your email, texts, pictures? You'll never see that again! The iPhone screen was black and didn't react anymore. No buttons would make it unlock or turn on. Even the charger was not working.

Well, first of all, DON'T PANIC! There is a solution and there is no need to run to the closest Apple store!

Simply: hold both the home button and the power button for a few seconds until you can see the Apple logo again. Then wait a while.
This task makes a soft reset of the phone. You won't loose any data and your phone will work again.

Picture by WikiHow

For more information you can check out the Apple website. Be sure to follow istructions in the "force restart" section.

If this post saved your life please let me in the comments below :).

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Street photography with the iPhone

When you don't want to carry your "serious" camera and you feel inspired you have to use what you have in your pocket: your phone.

Now I happen to have an iPhone 5s in my pocket while I was walking around a few days ago. I saw a beautiful blue door which had a shadow on it and thought about a picture I could make. The sun was illuminating the door but the street was dark so a person passing by could be a good opportunity to take a contrasty shot which I think in general is more effective.

As I didn't have my camera with me I grabbed the iphone from my pocket, tapped on the camera app and set the format to square, then I just waited for somebody to pass by. I pressed and holded the shooting button of the iPhone to take a few pictures in burst mode with different people as subjects.

Back home I picked the picture i liked the most among the 6/7 shots I took. Then I processed the picture with Photoshop mobile. The picture was a bit underexposed because I've lowered the exposure from the iPhone camera app. So, I increased the exposure and added more contrast and clarity to the picture; I also added a vignette and increased the saturation a bit to let the blue door pop.

Here you can find the before and after shot.

The blue door

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I hope you enjoyed this post. If you need more information or want to comment just use the form below. Thanks, have a good day ;-)
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