A photowalk in Dublin city center

On Saturday the 14th of February (yes, Valentine's day*) I was out an about in Dublin with the Irish street photography group to take some pictures of people in the city center.
* My wife wasn't very disappointed because she could have had some shopping around. I met her for lunch anyway so everybody was happy and we're still together :-).

The weather was perfect, the time, Midday, great and the sun was casting beautiful shadows all around. The streets were full of beautiful spots of light so I decided to set my aperture to f11, iso 200/400 and tried to keep an high shutter speed to underexpose my pictures and get nice contrasty images. The day went very well and I think I've got some nice shots ready to be processed in Lightroom.

One picture in particular really grabbed my attention. There was this girl walking and I was ready with my Sony A7 and the Sony FE 35mm to take a picture because I had spotted a very nice background. There was a big shadow on a building and the sun was shining in the street so I could get the light on a person passing by. And that was it. Here is the shot I took and processed in Lightroom 5 to add some more contrast, a bit of clarity and sharpness. Lately I like to set very deep blacks and whites to give my shots more contrast. You can click on the picture to see the exif data on Flickr.

Looking for someone...

I hope you enjoy the shot. If you have some comments please use the form below to let me know!
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